Rockwood Show Regretfully Postponed…

Due to some very sad and unfortunate circumstances, we have to postpone our set at Rockwood until a little later this year. Sorry to the 7000 of you who will be crying yourselves to sleep for the next week. We promise we’ll make it up to you… But all jokes aside, this is a tough time for the the band and we apologize for letting you down. See you soon, New York… we miss you.

Echo Kings play Lizard Lounge!!!

It’s January 18th. It’s Saturday. It’s snowing. You know where it won’t be snowing? Inside the Lizard Lounge! Echo Kings is playing a 75 minute set tonight comprised of most of the new tunes from their upcoming record. Be one of the first to hear these tunes and tell us how you feel about them!! Also, Love in Stockholm, the band we’re sharing the bill with, is awesome!!! Doors are at 8:30 and EK hits at 9pm!



Echo Kings’ Music on CW’s new show The Tomorrow People!!!

We are pleased to announce that our song, “I Can’t Wait”, will be featured on an episode of “The Tomorrow People” on the CW!!! The show airs Wednesday, October 30th, at 9PM Eastern. So tune in, listen carefully, applaud when the music hits, tell your friends, and laugh hysterically cause when an independent band gets a song on major television, it’s a small victory for almost all of us!!!


Unfortunately we have to announce that tonight’s show is being postponed until we can arrange a new date; the venue is not going to open for the evening due to the lockdown, the MBTA still being closed, and the situation as a whole. We find it ironic that the event we had planned to raise money for the horrific things that these criminals did is being cancelled because one of these criminals is on the run. This show will happen and we will band together, but it just can’t happen tonight. Much love.


As of yesterday we have decided to make this Friday’s show a benefit for the victims of Monday’s attack. Every dollar of every ticket will be donated to All of us have been affected by Monday’s events and we believe the best way to heal is to give. So if you are on the fence about coming out, please know that your $10 is going directly to the people hurt in the atrocities that took place during the Marathon. Much love and we hope to see you on Friday!!!

Echo Kings Return to Boston

When asked what they had planned for the upcoming Echo Kings’ show at the Davis Square Theatre, Andy Wesby replied, “I’d tell you but then I’d have to kill you.” The look he gave following that remark was very convincing and I immediately changed the subject to the sports, of which Andy has no idea what he’s talking about.
So we do know this:
-Echo Kings will be playing a lot of songs from their new record
-they are once again teaming-up with the very talented Jared Salvatore
-the show will have medical teams on-hand for any face melting or musically-induced seizures
-the band has expressed their excitement for the Boston appearance and for having people hear what their new album will be
-and finally, Andy Wesby will most likely not make any sports references as he hates looking like a fool in public (which he should be used to by now)

Signing off,

Brian Englesmithston

Echo Kings Launch THIS SITE

Guess what?!? The new website we’re bragging to you about, yeah, well, we’re bragging about it on it. On our own website we’re talking about our own website. These kind of ideas would keep Stephen Hawking thinking about the endless cycle of confusion that we have created by doing what we have done!

Return to NYC

Echo Kings return to NYC on March 29th and return to playing live shows in general! After a long hiatus we are almost completely done with the pre-production of our new album, “Before It’s Too Late”. We will be playing a lot of our new material at our upcoming shows and hope to see you there!


Our new site will be up in just a few days!! Until then, please visit our Facebook page